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Antenn 3G netipulgale 15dBi FME-F pistik

Tootekood: 10511
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 16,00 € 29,00 €
Technical specifications:
Antenna Type: Dual system magnetic antenna designed for GSM modems and gateways
Frequency: 850-960MHz, 1710-2170
Resistance: Nom. 50Ohm
Polarization: Linear / Vertical
Gain: 15dBi
VSWR: <2.0:1
Max Power: 10Watt
Dimensions: Magnetic base - diameter: 68mm, height: 1275mm
Radiator: 1240mm
Weight: 333g
Color: Black
Material: ABS and PCB
Mounting: flat metal surfaces
Cable: low lossy RG174U, Length: 10m