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Romoss Ranger 95 universaalne sülearvutite autolaadija 95w + USB 2.1A

Tootekood: 1151
Kaubamärk: Romoss
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 49,00 €
Garantii: 1 aasta.

Romoss eUSB Ranger 95W High Performance Mobile Device and Laptop Car Charging System

Brand Name : ROMOSS
Input Voltage : DC 12V
Output Voltage : 10 to 19 Volts
Item : ROMOSS Car Charger
Model : eUSB ranger 95
Power : 95W
Weight : 48g/1.7ozs
Size : 94*24.9*20mm/3.7*0.96*0.8 in
Input : DC12V 10A
Output 1 : eUSB DC14-20V 4.74A MAX
Output 2 : eUSB DC5V 2.1A MAX.
Output 3 : USB DC5V 1A MAX

The high performance mobile device & laptop car charging system, with patented eUSB technology, is designed to charge smartphones, tablet pcs, laptop computers, netbooks, ultrabooks, PSPs, GPS Systems, Mp3 Players and other modern digital devices.